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Supplements Fueling Your Performance.

Prodigy Performance Supplements

"Finally a brand that has good taste, quality ingredients and that cares about its athletes. I like knowing what I’m putting into my body is going improve my performance and enhance my recovery - Prodigy provides that. With so many options out there, it is nice to have a reliable and trustworthy source for my workout needs. Thank you Prodigy this is what we have been waiting for."

Blake A.
Prodigy Performance Supplements

"My favorite Prodigy Performance product must be the Greens. I have always struggled to find a tasty greens drink with all the important ingredients and nutritional components that are necessary for me. I would either have to compromise on taste in order to get the vitamins/minerals with the right caloric values or vice versa. Not only did this product meet all those essential needs but all four flavors were absolutely delicious! In fact, so tasty that both of my kids (4 & 11) loved them too!"

Dia W.
Prodigy Performance Supplements

"I don’t usually like pre-workout because of the taste and the way it makes me feel, but the Prodigy Performance Pre-Workout is a game changer. Not only do I love the flavor options, sweet & sour and citrus are my favorite flavor combinations, the natural, uplifting energy it provides, is the fuel and motivation for my workout."

Justine B.
Prodigy Performance Supplements

"I loved the Prodigy Performance Protein Powder. It’s the first plant-based protein to not tear my stomach up!"

Brian B.
Prodigy Performance Supplements

"My favorite Prodigy Performance product is definitely the chocolate vegan Protein.  Its like no other with amazing, rich chocolate flavor and smooth finish with no after taste.  Also, packed with protein and no gassy side affects!"

Trish J.