Become a Prodigy
[Athlete, Coach, Influencer]

At the very the heart of Prodigy is our community. They are the community-minded, nutrition-passionate, and motivated individuals who want to help others realize their potential. They are responsible for breathing life into our products and educating fellow fitness and health enthusiasts on how Prodigy Performance delivers superior nutrition enhancements to the marketplace. Do you have what it takes?

We Believe in Your Ability
to Succeed.

As a Prodigy, you will become the most important aspect of our community. Which is why we are committed to providing you with the training, tools, resources, incentives, and support needed to succeed.

Prodigy Benefits

First-time, approved Prodigies will receive
the below benefits and be eligible for future sales contests, first to sample new products, and so much more!


You will receive a 20% commission on all gross sales (minus taxes). We believe the sky is your limit and hope that this highly competitive commission rate motivates you to build your own business that generates a monthly income stream that will transform your financial life. 


You will gain access to sales and marketing resources including photos, videos, flyers, promotional ideas, sales strategies, training opportunities, and more, for helping you construct your own marketing plan to grow your sales exponentially.


You will receive a secure login into your own dashboard to view your completed product sales (in real-time), pending sales, and most importantly, what your next check amount will be. Prodigies are paid on the 15th of every month using PayPal. 

Steps to Becoming a
Prodigy [Athlete, Coach, Influencer]

STEP 1: Complete the Application

STEP 2: Get Approved (Notice of acceptance or rejection will be given 3-5 Business Days after application submission).

STEP 3: Access Marketing Resources

STEP 4: Start Promoting Prodigy Performance and Earn Money!

Accepting Applications now!