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And Live Extraordinary | Intro Video


We’ve been in the fitness industry our entire careers as personal trainers, fitness competitors, and coaches. What we know to be true is that there is no greater reward than to experience the transformation of yourself or of someone else. When you become physically and mentally strong, you become the catalyst to your new extraordinary life.

Throughout our journey there has been one resounding obstacle: fueling the body to help it reach its peak performance. As we all know, natural foods are the primary and preferred vehicle to accomplish this. But sometimes, daily life can get in the way of a carefully constructed diet. This is why Prodigy Performance was created. We realized that there is a need for nutrition that is purposely designed to enhance existing nutrition so that the body has the necessary fuel to power performance from a transformative and daily lifestyle perspective.

When people ask us what Prodigy Performance means to us, we tell them, Prodigy is your potential in this life and Performance is the daily grind that we fuel. We all deserve to live our best life and feel good doing it. That’s what we believe, that’s what the Prodigy community believes, and every single day we are all working towards becoming the Prodigy we all know we can be. Join us on our journey to forge your extraordinary life.

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